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Is it possible to specify an include path where PhpStorm will include scss file from.
by now it complains about anything in the compass namespace.

@import 'compass'; // Cannot resolve compass into sass/scss import

this results in PhpStorm not been able to resolve mixins from compass eg. @include border-radius(5px);

Also it would be nice to have PhpStorm parse the config.rb file for include paths.

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I have the same problem, the @import directive for compass throw a "cannot resolve path" .
How can i configure the path to COMPASS framework in PHPSTORM 5.04 ?

Thank you !


Late a bit but you can add ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p194/gems/compass-0.12.2 (or whatever you have) to Settings->Directories and mark frameworks/compass/stylessheets and lib as resources.
That will workaround the problem.


Thanks! Just what I needed.


Oh great ! solved the problem for me too !
Thanks a lot ! ;)
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NB : would be a good idea that PHPStorm support this (find path automatically) as a built-in feature no ?

NB : would be a good idea that PHPStorm support this (find path automatically) as a built-in feature no ?

Sure -- once compass gets properly supported :


This works for me as well. PHPStorm never stops amazing me with its potential.

For me though, I'm using the Scout app on my windows machine to compile SASS. It's easier than creating a Ruby environment and you can still use Oleksii's post to make it work. Just instead of "~/.rvm/...", go to where scout is installed (usually program files (x86)/scout/..) and it'll work.


I am also trying to get this to work on the a Windows machine.

I am using WebStorm and have managed to get Compass to execute, but not able to find some of the @includes.

I am using the Gumby framework.

for example,
C:/Ruby200/bin/compass.bat compile --config C:/Users/Tom/WebstormProjects/wsGrumby1/config.rb
    error sass/gumby.scss (Line 179 of sass/functions/_semantic-grid.scss: Undefined mixin 'box-sizing'.)
identical css/gumby.css

The new ness here is going to kill me (ok drive me to drink), I am new to the tool, Gumby framework, SASS, Compass, and Ruby in general.  Nothing like an uphill climb.

Any help would be useful.



I realize this thread is quite a bit outdated however if someone out there is trying to have PHPStorm 7 integrate properly with Compass installed via RVM here's something to keep in mind.
RVM puts a compass binary in two places:
- ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-{your_version_here}/bin/compass
- ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-{your_version_here}/gems/compass-{compass_version_here}/bin/compass
and which compass will print the former while for PHPStorm you'll need the latter since that's where the actual expected Compass file structure is.
I'm assuming this has something to do with the whole Ruby gems mentality which I'm not familiar with at all.
Hope it saves somebody some Google searching. :)


Thanks Evgeny, that's genius, and it worked for me.

I still had to do a whole lot of Google searching, but it ended right here :)


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