Hidden files in file/directory selection


Today I wanted to set settings -> php -> composer in phpstorm 7.1.3 but my composer is installed in hidden directory. My path to composer is C:\ProgramData\ComposerSetup\bin\composer.bat but directory C:\ProgramData is hidden so I had to put it manually because hidden folders are not visible in dialog window after clicking ...

I haven't found setting to set hidden directories visible in program. Is there such setting?

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The file chooser that opens when you press the '...' button has a 'Show hidden File and Directories' toolbar button - see attached screenshot


Ok, thanks, it's really that.

But now it's strange I have this hidden folder set, and when I click on ... by default always hidden files/directories are hidden so even if I click on this icon in select window the path I manully entered earlier is changed to C:\


I know a long time has passed, but... the suggested solution doesn't work on Mac OS X, as the default system file pick dialog is shown. It  doesn't contain the 'show hidden files' button (Webstorm 2017.3).


WebStorm uses native file chooser on OSX, so you can just press Cmd+Shift+Period to see hidden files in it...


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