Idea, Ant and Hibernate

I can't get the RED out of my build.xml. The subtask in the ]]> is RED. The task itself works fine.

What add'l jars do I have to dump into IDEA_HOME/lib (and then close/restart) in order to get the RED out?

So far I've added xdoclet-hibernate-module-1.2b4.jar, xdoclet-xdoclet01.2b4.jar, xjavadoc-1.0.jar, xdoclet-1.2b4.jar, and hibernate2.jar.

Any suggestions?


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Hi All,

I've the same problem. In my build.xml file the nested element "]]>" appears in RED into IntelliJ.

Does someone have an idea ?

I've already included all .jar file from xdoclet into the "Additional Classpath" of IntelliJ (Ant options).

Versions :
IntelliJ 4.5
Ant 1.6.2
Xdoclet 1.2.2
Hibernate 2.1.6

Thanks a lot

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I've been living with such kinds of errors in idea ant integration for months. I have a long list of bugs to submit, but I am waiting for the next issue tracking system...

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I've got the jars you list and adding the commons-collections-2.0.jar seems to have basically fixed the problem.


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