how to replace boilerplate code changes across many html files?

There are often times when I will make changes to a header or navigation menu etc that will apply across many pages throughout project. This occurs frequently. How can I accomplish this in webstorm without a lot of pain. Some notes...

- I know about using php() but not an option
- find and replace across site is looking unreliable... i.e format code on page can change code block spacing

The only way I see of doing it...

- make code changes to block on one page of site,
- select block of code and copy to clipboard
- open each page in website, locate relevant code, cut and paste selection

I know there are solutions in other IDE's... I am really trying to like webstorm for long term. Any GREAT ideas or solutions?

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Find/Replace in Path seems to be the only option...
Smth like DreamWeaver Templates might be a solution -

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Thanks for replying Elena, but I need a "best solution" for Webstorm. I am about to commit to Webstorm IDE and am looking for ways to make IT work. Find and Replace in path is last resort due to minor changes that might be across several files when you are replacing code blocks. So, anyone who has found a work around using any method, I would appreciate your input.

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Did you ever find a way of doing this?




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