visisble parent classes in scss partials

when using scss globbing is it possible to browse thru parent classes when autocomplete?

Say I have this structure:

  1. _variables.scss
  2. _framework.scss
  3. _partial.scss
  4. main.scss

In main.scss I import all _*.scss
And I would like to see my _variables & _framework classes and variables avalible within  _partial.scss when autocomplete.

is there any way to configure this?



variables/mixins defined in partials are suggested by completion in other partials; they just will be underlined as 'not explicitly imported (referenced by name only)', but still resolved and offered by completion. You shouldn't do anything special to make this work


Mixins and variables are visible within partials, true. But my issue was mainly with parent classes.

I would like to use @extend, and having autocomplete helps alot.


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