deployment config cannot connect to remote FTP host in phpstorm EAP 136.1672

Hi -- wanting to try out the new Wordpress integration, I installed PhpStorm-136.1672 and it seems to run normally on my Linux (Ubuntu) x86-64 machine.

Previously PhpStorm-133.982 (latest stable version as of this post) has been working fine and I have been able to set up a Deployment config for automatic uploads and sync with my remote FTP server.  When I set up 136.1672 (the current EAP version of PhpStorm) I imported my settings from the 133.982 installation and I see that they imported correclty.  My ftp config was already there.  I double checked the FTP username, password, paths, etc. and they seem to be correct.  But the "Test FTP connection" button in the Deployment config popup window results in an error saying the connection failed and it could not list the contents of the remote folder.

I have closed PhpStorm and re-opened it since the installation, just in case there was some reason it wasn't quite ready to work until restarting.  That didn't change the problem.  I will try logging out of Ubuntu and restarting the computer too, just in case there's some other reason outside of PhpStorm why it's not connecting.  But right now if I go back to 133.982 it is able to connect perfectly.  Another test is that if I open my system's Filezilla ftp client it can also connect perfectly, so I know for sure there is nothing wrong with the server or my connection info.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Can you please attach your idea.log with deployment log level (see ) and also have you configured path mappings?
Can you send me screenshot of Tools | Deployment | Configuration | Mappings?


Hi, thank you for responding.  Here is the screenshot.  Yes I configured one simple mapping.  I mapped the web root of my remote server to the intended folder where I mirror it on my local machine.  I have attached my idea.log from 136.1672 (i think ~/.WebIde80/system/log/idea.log).  In case it helps, I have also attached idea.log from 133.982 (~/.WebIde70/system/log/idea.log).


I tried the screen shot inline in my previous message but it seems like it does not show up correctly.  I am attaching it to this post just in case.

(Edit: I removed logs and screenshot to post more securely on bug tracker instead)



thank you for providing logs. As result of fixing this issue PhpStorm began to use MLSD command to list files on server instead of old poorly specificated LIST command. However output of the server doesn't meet parser's expectation, so IDE fails to parse it.

Unfortunately there are currently no workaround for this issue other that use old PhpStorm or disable MLSD feature on server.
It would be great if you file in issue on YouTrack with debug-level log attached (see We could fix the parser, or provide an option to choose command in explicit way.


Thank you, I will file a ticket with that data as requested.

Just to add one item of context for anyone else who finds this discussion thread, the FTP server provider in this case is  GoDaddy in the U.S. and they are one of the largest hosting providers in the country so it is likely to be a widespread issue if the product does not work with their servers.

* I do not personally like GoDaddy or endorse them, they are not my choice at all; it's just the hosting that my client is currently stuck with.


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