Adding established Grunt project with Angular / Coffeescript / Jade

I'm new to PHPStorm. I've been using Sublime + Grunt to manage a project built with Coffeescript, AngularJS, and html templates in Jade. It's gotten big enough now that I wanted to see what an IDE could do, but I'm having trouble setting that project up so I can do code completion, refactoring, jumping to function definitions, etc.

Can someone point me to some resources for getting this integrated? Or is it hopeless? I'm using the PHPStorm 8 EAP.


Coffeescript support is included in PHPStorm. AngularJS and Jade plugins have to be installed from the repository (Settings/Plugins, Browse repositories)
Do you have them installed? If yes, what problems setting up your project have you faced?


Yes, I have those plugins installed. Syntax highlighting & code formatting works fine, but the IDE seems to be treating each of my Coffeescript files as individual files rather than part of the same code base. I am using Grunt to transpile the coffeescript to javascript and I am making a source map as well.


Please can you clarify what you mean saying thatWebStorm is treating each of your Coffeescript files as individual file? Do you mean that functions from other files are marked as not resolved? Or?


Trying to come up with good examples I discovered that PHPStorm really is looking through my project file. If I have a class defined in coffeescript, I can jump to the declaration, refactor, and so forth.

The problem seems to be the Angular integration; "goto -> Declaration" seems to either not find any declarations, or goes to the wrong location. "Find Implementation" always seems to fail, refactoring doesn't seem to be available. That's probably my fault; I'll see if I can spend some more time with that. Thanks!


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