PhpStorm main menu slightly broken on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello Jetbrains friends,

Ubuntu Linux 14.04, the new Long Term Support release, came out a week ago and it introduced a small change that leads to a problem with PhpStorm.

Using the default Unity session in Ubuntu, in 13.10 and before, all app menus were forced into the Menu Bar across the top of the entire display (not in the individual app menu's title bar).  Beginning in 14.04, the user can now choose, in Ubuntu Settings > Appearance > Behavior, to show the menus for apps in their window's title bar instead.

I have selected this option in 14.04 and generally it works great.  But when I start PhpStorm its menu does not appear in the window's title bar -- instead it shows the path of the current project and the path of the file currently open in the editor.  I realize this is expected behavior whenever the PhpStorm window does not have user focus, or when the mouse pointer is not in the title bar.  But when the window is focused and the mouse is moved to the window's title bar, the PhpStorm main menu still does not show up.  Only the file paths continue to be shown.

A workaround for this is to minimize the PhpStorm window and then un-minimize it again.  I think it's possible that PhpStorm just needs to interact slightly differently with the window manager at startup.  Maybe it doesn't get focus or record some part of window state quite right.  Just a guess.  Hopefully this will only need a simple fix.

In case it is important for replicating the problem, I always have PhpStorm snapped to the left side of my widescreen monitor, so it is vertically maximized but not horizontally.

This behavior is the same on latest stable 7.1.3 (133.982) and on the EAP (136.1672).

Thank you!

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Thank you! Can you please file this and all further bug reports directly to the issue tracker?

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Oh. Yes!  No problem.


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