Multiple Projects, second project troubles

We are developing a branch of our application and I wish to have seperate projects defined in order to speed transition between the two efforts. Lets call the main trunk rme and the branch, rme2_0 (a cvs tag for this release intended for bugfixes). I am doing the main coding effort in the trunk(rme), and have this as the first project defined in Idea 4.5. I also wanted to have Tomcat context(s) for each, but this led to problems I associated with tomcat, and therefore will not elaborate. When switching between the two projects I will modify the server.xml to point to the project root of the needed project module.
The problems are as follows: I cannot get tomcat to launch for the second project. Also, when modifying source the B action does not work for the second project(rme2_0). If anyone is using such a setup without troubles, I can assume user-error is involved and continue modifying my module settings.

My tomcat version is 5.0.18 and 4.5 build# is 2244.


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