What Affects Collection Time? (FTP)


I'm wondering what affects the time it takes for the IDE to "Collect" files before they are uploaded via FTP. Does anybody have any advice on what type of settings can be applied to speed this process?

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Deployment can be a resource-intensive operation, especially if a project or a deployment server contains lots of directories and files.

The following configuration options should speed up deployment:

  • Exclude directories that are not needed from deployment (e.g. images). This can be done from the deployment server settings (Tools | Deployment | Configuration) under Excluded Paths.
  • Under Tools | Deployment | Options, uncheck Overwrite up-to-date files to avoid uploading files that don't have to be uploaded.
  • Depending on the server, switching between active and passive mode in the advanced FTP settings may help. This can be done from Tools | Deployment, opening Advanced Settings for the server and toggling Passive mode.
  • Limit number of concurrent FTP connections. To do this, select Tools | Deployment, open Advanced Settings for the server and toggle the mode Limit concurrent connections, setting the number of connections (usually 3-5 concurrent connections is OK for any server if you experience problems with a greater number of connections).
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Thanks for all the tips! This looks like it is helping a bit to shave off some of the time it takes to collect some of the project files that I need to upload.


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