Configure Weblogic6.1 in IDEA

I am totally new to using an IDE for Java(let alone IDEA!).I had earlier setup Weblogic7.0 SP0,and created a Web module configuring using those server settings.

Then i had to use Weblogic 6.1 n didn't require WL7.0 or the project;so i uninstalled the former and deleted the latter.

However, now everytime i go thru the process of "Add"ing Weblogic6.1 in Application Server settings, and select the bea home directory(C:\bea) , it says that "C:\bea not a valid home directory".

Also prior to clicking on the ellipses to add the home directory, it has an underlying message showing "C:\IntelliJIDEA\bin not a valid BEA home".

Please help me about this,i am really stuck here and can't proceed further at all.

Thanx in advance.

PS:Is it becoz WL6.1 supports JDK 1.3 and IDEA4.5.5 (which i am using) supports JDK 1.5?

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