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nib4j - build guis using Apples Interface Builder.

nib4j provides the following features and many more:

  • Include Carbon nib files in your cross-platform Swing applications

  • Use "nib4j Viewer" for trying out your cross-platform UI without

writing any code

  • Test your cross-platform UI with different Look & Feels

  • Support for about 30 different UI controls

  • Easiest application integration with just a few lines of code

  • Complete separation of UI and application code

  • Automatically generate Java classes with "nib4j Viewer"

  • Support for absolute and relative positioning/sizing of the UI


  • Support for a grid-based cross-platform layout using JGoodies Forms

  • Embed your own customized components in the generated Swing UI

  • Use real floating palette windows inside your Mac OS X Swing


  • Create group boxes with the original Mac OS X 10.3 style

  • Support for internationalization and localization

  • Define a custom focus cycle order within Interface Builder

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