Dialog Focus under Linux Gnome


Both of these issues have long since been closed with "Do Not Fix". This concerns me greatly.

For the past year I have lived with Idea popping up dialogs that did not have focus. It happens about 40% of the time.

It is maddening!

Maddening I tell you. The Idea developers have, on several occassions, stated that this is a Metacity/Gnome issue and not their problem. I just blindly trusted that statement and moved on, however the last few months my company has begun to develop it's own Java GUI app and we've also been using some other apps written in Java like Netbeans, several profilers, and a database management tool. Not one... let me repeat... NOT ONE of these apps has the same "loss of focus in dialogs" problem that Idea has.

I'm fully willing to believe that it IS a Metacity/Gnome problem, but a workaround must possible if EVERY SINGLE OTHER java GUI app can make dialogs work acceptably.

This bug turns my Idea experience from "Develop with Pleasure" into "Develop with an occassional outburst of slamming my fist into my desk and shouting an obscenity". I still love Idea and try to promote it to people every chance I get, but we're a linux-only company and when the expensive commercial IDE that we're comparing against the free open source once can't handle simple things like dialogs correctly, then I start to look silly to management and their choice on what IDE to standardize on becomes a lot easier.

Is there any chance that this issue could be reopened and looked into once again.

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