JavaScript Debugging Not Working

I love this feature, but I only use it about twice a year and it seems like evertime I go to use it again, it does not work. I've tried in Chrome and in Firefox. Chrome has the extension installed and is what I've used in the past. Neither Chrome nor Firefox will connect to PHPStorm's debugger. Both applications launch when I start the debugger, and then nothing.

I'm not even sure what else to look at.

Chrome launches, but does not even navigate to the page, Firefox navigates to the page, but still does not connect to the debugger.

My preference is to use Chrome.



do you see a prompt to install the JetBrains Chrome extension when running the debugger? please, provide your idea.log (Help/Show log in explorer log) and extension console contents (see, How do I know what's wrong?)


Yes, but the extension is installed. I even removed it and re-installed the extension.



Enabled logging for Chrome (attached), but does not appear to be useful.

FYI, issue exists on multiple machines.


How do I know what's wrong?

  1. Open chrome://extensions/
  2. Check "Developer mode" checkbox.
  3. Scroll down to JetBrains IDE Support section, click Inspect views: _generated_background_page.html.
  4. Click on the "Console" button.

Failed to load resource

What resource?


Re-created the debug config and got this:

And then this:


I cannot get it to work in the latest EAP so I assume it's a problem with that. Before this last update, it worked fine for me using Chrome.


OMG, yes! I just tested with 136.1476 and it works fine! I thought it was just me! Creating an issue now!


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