4.5.3: Copy and Paste, CTRL-Space broken in certain places in JSPs

Is there a known issue where inside certain custom tags in JSP files, CTRL-C does nothing, and hitting CTRL-Space on a . on a variable does nothing? This used to work fine...

This is so frustrating...



Why yes Mr. Zabel, you are quite correct. There IS a known issue inside only "certain" custom tags and may I emphasize the word "CERTAIN" if you know what I mean. Yes, you can try the CTRL-C technique, you may even opt for the classic CTRL-Space technique on a variable. But both of them will leave you with a kind of nothingness if you catch my drift. Here is the solution my friend... Stand on your head and yell out "Chicken" three times. That should do the trick for you.

Ha Ha Ha. I don't know what you're talking about! What's up Ian! This is Nelson! I was just thinking about you and I don't have your email anymore. So I did a search on google for your name and one of your posts came up. So did your website, but I thought this would be funny. Just wanted to say hi.



LOL, Chris, you loser!!! HAA

What's man, drop me a line ian at ezabel dot com


I am noticing this problem in 4.5.4 as well.

Seems that as soon as you switch the project over to Java 5 (jdk1.5), and change your code level to Java 5, things start acting weird in JSPs.

You can't copy any scriptlet tags, CTRL-Click on any methods/variables within scriplets, or even get error highlighting.

It also seems to only be a problem inside certain custom tags.



Ok, using Jdk 1.5 or 1.4 doesn't make a difference.

Seems to be simply related to our use of a ForEach custom tag that we've created.

All functionality works as expected, until a cqt:ForEach tag is used in the JSP. Then, things break.


I've also figured out that if I remove the


tag from our tld, things begin to work normal.

Removing all code from the CqtForEachTagExtraInfo class, so it's just a skeleton does NOT help the problem. Behavior is the same.

Using a jstl <c:forEach> tag works fine! And it also uses a teiclass. I don't get it.


I have just installed the latest EAP (#3229), and it seems the issue is not even fixed there.

However, I do get an error in your TeiParser which I don't see in 4.5.4:

"Unsupported major.minor version 49.0"

Ah ha! Since I've compiled everything with jdk1.5, and IDEA is running on 1.4, your TeiParse is unable to use the class file.

Switching to jdk1.4 and rebuilding from scratch seems to fix the problem :)

I will enter an issue.


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