PHPStorm - how to bookmark a line so I can quickly flick back to it


In Programmers Notepad Ctrl-F2 bookmarks a line, then I can edit elsewhere in the file and press F2 to go back to that line I bookmarked earlier.
How is this done in PHPStorm editor?


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Hi there,

Navigate | Bookmarks --

You can set plain bookmark with F11 (shortcut depends on your keymap).

To navigate between bookmarks within the *same file* use "Next Bookmark" / "Previous Bookmark"
To navigate between *all* bookmarks (any file) use Shift+F11 (Show Bookmarks)

The Favorites tool window also contains bookmarks (in addition to actual favorites and breakpoints).

To change existing or assign any missing shortcuts use "Settings | Keymap" (it has search fields to quickly find required action by name or assigned shortcut)

Another possibly usefull action -- "Navigate | Last Edit Location"

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Thank you, that is great info

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You can also do numbered bookmarks - 0-9. Search in the keymap in settings.


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