Error creating Node.js Express App. Wrong express generator

I'm on a fresh install of ubuntu 12.04.4 running on a parallels vm on my macbook pro.  Also freshly installed java, node, npm, express and webstorm.  When I try to create a new node.js express project I get the following error.

Error creating Node.js Express App. Wrong express generator:

Can anyone offer some assistance to fix this?  Thanks.

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I get the same issue on windows when i select Express 4.x, log attached.

Express 3.x works fine

BTW, same result with Webstorm7 and 8

idea -
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WebStorm tries to execute node_modules\express\bin\express to generate  application, but this binary has been removed in 4.0. (moved to  express-generator), so generation fails. I suggest choosing version  3.5.1 as a workaround.

The issue is tracked as, please vote for it to be notified on any update

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