multiple test runners

can both a mocha (for server-side node) and karma (for client-side) test runners be running simultaneously?
can both be running with auto-test?
i cannot figure out how to float and see both windows simultaneously



what problems have you faced - test results tab open over each other? I can suggest pinning the tabs (Pin Tab button in test results tool window toolbar)


im trying to find a way to have the results for both the karma (browser) test and moch (server) tests visible at the same time.  in the attached, i have floatted the window and pinned both the Karma and Mocha runners.  but i can only find a way to have them show as tabs side-by-side.  is there a way to split the window?  or some other way to have a dettached window(s) that show both at the same time?

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.40.11 PM.png

Unfortunately there is no way to do this currently. Please feel free to file a request for this feature to youtrack,


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