idea 4.5.3 and Orion

hello all ...
I am new to intellij .. and i need to get a step by step road map on deploying a jsp project on orion using intellij ... can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Start by installing the Orion plugin.

Then download a fresh orion and unzipit and copy over the tools.jar. (and do the usual install steps.). You dont have to change any configs, the plugin does this when it starts the server.

Add orion as a Applicationserver by just pointing it to the right directory.

Start a new projekt (or edit a old one) with a webmodule.

Create a new Run/Debug Config in the orion tab. Dont forget to check the deployment tab.

I hope I havn't forgoten something.


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thanks for the help.
I have installled the orion plugin
i am running OS X, so i dont have tools.jar
I now see that the integration is working
I guess my problem is that i am very unfamiliar with what the appserver integration actually does ??

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It lets you deploy webapps and apps to orion without having to edit any xml files in Orion. You just point the plugin at an orion instance and it'll take care of deployment for you.


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