Using WebStorm with Apache

So I'm moving to a company that's doing a lot of big data work so the configuration will be Java/Apache as the API/REST layer and we'll be serving a single page application in Angular JS on this. Has anyone used WebStorm with Apache? Is it something where I'll have to start the web server outside of the application (from a terminal or eclipse)? I plan on using bower/gulp for task running and package management. Was hoping to use Express on top of it but they want to stick strictly to Java/Apache for the mean time.

Any help/experience/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!



not sure I follow you... Do you mean Apache web server, or Apache Tomcat? The first one starts automatically (at least on Windows and Mac), you can configure auto-deployment using Settings/Deployment and run/debug your code on it - not a rocket science
If you are using Tomcat, WebStorm provides no means to start/stop it (but you can set up external tools for that). Also, you would need to care yourself about creating deployment artifacts/deploying files to server. For full Tomcat support, try Intellij IDEA


Apache Tomcat. I may just run idea, thanks!


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