Error when trying to test connection to Redmine server

Hi there,

I'm using PHPStorm since a few days now and I have to say that I'm very impressed how comfortable it is and how well I may integrate several database services etc.

I just got one problem since 3 hours which really starts to annoy me. When I try to add a Redmine Server and I want to test the connection I always get the error, that an dh keypair could not created (it doesn't matter if I provide a username and password). Using google didn't really bring me further and this is my last try to solve this problem. Did anyone have this problem before and knows how to fix this? Or does anyone have an idea what could be the reason why it can't create an dh keypair?

Thank you guys in advance!

Greetings from germany :-)

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Looks similar to this issue on tracker: .
If it's the same as yours, please update to our latest EAP, it's fixed there already: .

If it's not, please send the screenshot of the error and log file: Help | Show log in explorer.

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Thank you for your fast answer :-) This is not really the error hat I get when I try to integrate Redmine, but I will follow your suggestion and create and issue with a Screenshot.

Thanks again for your help and hints :-)


I just gave PHPStorm EAP 8 a try but I got the same error there. So I'm now going to create an issue in the tracker.


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