WebStorm will import PHPStorm Settings by default during installation, and fail to import from a previous settings dir

I have both WebStorm and PHPStorm installed. And I have just upgrade WebStorm from 7 to 8. During the first launch of the new WebStorm, it try to "import settings from a previous version of WebStorm".

I thought that WebStorm will find the settings for previous WebStorm "intelligently", but actually, it just found settings for PHPStorm Preferences ( in ~/Library/Preferences/Webide70).

I didn't notice this at the first place, so after importing, WebStrom has opened my php project (and it alter some project settings, cause PHPStorm pop up an alert about settings has been altered externally!)

Then, I try to reinstall WebStorm by deleting ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm8 and re-launch. When it ask for "import settings", I choose "custom location" and point to ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm7. But it says that this is not valid???!!!

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You should point the installer directly on .WebIde folder that has WebStorm settings.


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