System crashed, PHPStorm 7.1.3 corrupted the active file

While using PHPStorm 7.1.3, my system locked and rebooted. I have no reason to believe it was caused by the program.

Upon starting the program again, I got a bunch of warnings about random config files, and it asked me to choose my IDE theme again. I did and things were fine. My preferences were intact.

So I opened up the project I was working on, and tried to open the file I was editing at the time of crash. PHPStorm locks up with 25% CPU usage (1 core) and I have to end the process.

I look at the file in question, and it's just one long line of (NULL) characters, according to Notepad++. No wonder PHPStorm couldn't open it.

Thankfully, my other files are fine, and have their edits since my last git commit intact. But the one I was editing has no local history to recover from, and I have lost all my work since last commit.

I thought PHPStorm was safe with its no-manual-saving system, but now I'm a little scared.

It will only take a few hours to redo my work, but if anyone knows a possible way to get my work back, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.

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Hi there,

Use Local History -- big chances to have last saved version there.

If Local History has nothing .. then no other ideas from me, unfortunately.

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Thanks for the response, but as I said, local history shows nothing :|

I'm guessing the system crashed while I was typing (I don't remember exactly) and so PHPStorm was in the process of saving the change, and the file was temporarily in an unusable state when the crash happened. That would explain why none of my other edited files lost their changes. If only PHPStorm did the live saving in a safer way, with redundancy or something.

Edit: I'm done redoing my work, so there's no need for troubleshooting here, but I would like the developers to take note of this vulnerability.

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It is generaly safe, but even with local history it does not replace proper backup - or non-local VCS storage.


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