Can not download Libraries from TypeScript community stubs

Trying to to download libraries but i get the answer:
Can not download from handshake alert:  unrecognized_name
Can not download from handshake alert:  unrecognized_name

I´m not behind any proxy, and of course I have an internet connections.
I dont think I´m an idiot.

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I had this recently it is because of a change that has been made in Java 7 it introduced the SNI support which is enabled by default.

The answer can be found from a question asked over at SSL handshake alert: unrecognized_name error since upgrade to Java 1.7.0 - Stack Overflow, here is the short version for windows, however the .vmoptions files should exist on other installation as well.:

1. find the WebStorm.exe.vmoptions file which is located in the installation directory where the WebStorm.exe file, it will contains something like this










2. using your local text editor add the line to the end of the file.


3. Save the file and restart webstorm.

4. Try TypeScript community stub download again.

Should you not have Java 7 this might not be your problem but it fixed mine.

Hope this works for you too.
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Rupert Thanks for your answer but it didn´t work for my system. The issue is still there.


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