Grunt methods inside grunt objects are "unresolved"

I have a Node project that uses Grunt, so for PhpStorm to resolve grunt methods like initConfig(), I added the "gruntjs-DefinitelyTyped" community type library for Grunt, via Project Settings -> JavaScript -> Libraries -> Download -> Typescript community stubs.

That resolved top-level methods like grunt.initConfig() and grunt.registerTask(), but methods of grunt.file or grunt.log, such as grunt.file.exists() and grunt.log.writeln(), still show up as "unresolved function or method".

I took a peek at, and everything seems to be defined, but I'm not familiar with Typescript, so I'm not sure if it's correct (I also don't know where these community stubs are stored by PhpStorm, so I can't verify that it matches what's currently on GitHub).

How do I resolve these "unresolved" warnings?

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