Preventing the reformatting of file template contents?

I'm using IDEA 4.5, build #2233.

When I create a new class via New->Class in the right-click dropdown menu, the comment at the top of the newly created class file gets reformatted and wrapped like this:

However, this text appears in the file template as follows:

Is it possible to configure IDEA so that text from file templates appears in the newly created class file in the same format that it has in the file template? If so, how?

In other words, I'd like this text to appear as follows in newly created class files:

Thanks in advance.

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It turns out that I had overlooked the Reformat according to style checkbox at the top of the File Templates screen. I unchecked this for each of the template types, and now, the text gets entered the way I want.

I'm sorry for the bandwidth.


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