Special Pricing, Upgrades, and the Future

Since the time is nearing for the special pricing to end, I figure it's nearing the time to make a decision going forward.

My concern right now is that the EAP releases are more in line with what I would eventually like to have in IDEA. If we figure that the pricing is currently $249 for 4.x, and if I look at the previous upgrade price of $299 (to get to 4), to remain in the product line it would cost over the $499 standard pricing. At that rate, it might be more worthwhile to wait.

I was curious as to what the plan is for pricing going forward, which would really affect my plans might be.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

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If this is and issue that's best taken up with sales, please let me know.


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JetBrains "usually" offer a similar deal around Easter time and when it's close to a major release the price usually includes a free upgrate to the next major version.

Now I'm not saying this will definately happen again, however it has in the past. I guess it just depends how generous the JB team are feeling closer to the release. :)


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