Limit Autocomplete / Intellisense To My Files

I've looked through the documentation for scoping libraries, but this seems to be for external libraries.  I seem to be missing something here.  I have a structure that looks a bit like this:


I would like my custom code that exists in the Controls and Libraries folders to show up in intellisense, but not any of the javascript included in Release or node_modules.  Node has a lot of stuff I don't want, and Release is just a place on the directory where we build the bundled libraries for testing.

I've seen how to create a scope that includes only Controls and Libraries, but how do I assign this the only code that shows up for intellisense?

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I think I found a slightly different way of doing this..

I went into the Directory settings and set node_modules as 'excluded', and Release as 'test source'.  I needed to restart webstorm, but it seems like now I'm only using the directories I wanted for javascript intellisense.  It seems a little non-intuitive to mark it as test as that's not quite what it is.  I guess I would like to mark it as 'excluded' but have an option to still see it in the file tree so I don't have to have another window open to verify the build ran correctly.

I also found that right-clicking my bundled files and setting them to 'plain text' worked, but I have an entire directory that I want to do this with and have new files marked automatically.


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