Where to find cvs log functionality in 4.0?

I have moved from 3.05 -> 4.0 version, and have som problems locating the "cvs log" in the ide.

The cvs log showed it there was a branch created of the current source file. I can't see that the status command gives me the same possibilities.

Viewed through the cvs log functionality, I get the
Sticky Tag: ap0403 (branch: 1.34.4) info. I am not able to get the same info through the new 4.0 release.

How may i accomplish the same with the 4.0 version?


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cvs->show history calls cvs log. it then parses it to display a pretty table for fetching selected versions, so some of the cvs log information might be lost, but then again maybe all you need is there...

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Yes but the history is show just for one file... (or I miss the point somewhere?)
How to log the history for a repertory?

A query form could also be a nice feature (Cruisecontrol in its CSV calls does that kind of job..)

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Been thinking about CVS querying and metrics as a plugin. Should be pretty straightforward. So many extension points, so little time.

--Dave Griffith


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