CVS Integration Issue

We have recently created a new branch tag on our cvs repository. We mirror this repository using CVSup to a server at our India office.

Users in India use this mirror to checkout files (which takes way too long to checkout the module remotely), and then change their CVS/repository files to point back to the main server. We are able to checkout from the mirror via command line, with no errors or warnings.

However, we are unable to view this branch using the
browse CVS repository feature. We are getting an error:

com.intellij.cvsSupport2.errorHandling.CvsException: cvs : no such tag EIM_10-9_RLS_BRANCH

but there is no error in the Cvs Output tab, and we can see no information.

Is there something specific about how the plugin works that would prevent it from seeing this tag? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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PS: When using the "Checkout from CVS", we can all the appropriate modules that are available for checkout. it is only browse that we can't see the modules.


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