Idea window focus and Z order when updating indexes

Is there any way to stop Idea from forcibly pushing itself to the front of the Z order when it updates indexes?

As far as I remember, this is something it's always done except that it is a real pain with these later versions since it now splits the rebuild process across jars and subdirectories. Before, this was always done in one fell swoop, which put the UI out of commission for a while and left you drumming your fingers for a while but at least it was possible to minimize the application and get on with something else. It's impossible to do that now because each time it throws up that "rebuilding indexes" dialog with the progress bar, the application window jumps to the front of the Z order and interrupts whatever else is being done on the machine.

I'm using Idea 4.5 build 2233 on Windows.

Help appreciated.


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OK - I see this issue has almost been done to death. Not quite though, because it still happens and is still annoying.

I guess it's "tweakUI" for me...

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Kick! this is quite annoying especially when your ant build process touches a bunch of those jars, and you get to wait 20 seconds or so while Idea decides to come to the foreground, and trump EVERY application, no matter what, stealing focus from web browsers, windows explorer, you name it.

Get it together folks, and let this indexing happen in a background frame like all other automated IDEA processes.


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