Remote JSP Debugging in Weblogic 8.1 - Intellij version 4.5.3


I looked at this thread

but still can't get jsp debugging to work in Intellij.

I am now using version 4.5.3

What I've done is the following:
my weblogic.xml(deployed with .war) has the params

After deploying, I can debug server side classes / EJBs just fine, just not JSPs, / the servlets located in the workingDir=C:\MyDirectory configured in weblogic.xml

Of note; I am not running my Weblogic instance in intellij; rather I modified my startWebLogic.cmd with the necessary JAVA_OPTIONS

I tried running my app through the Weblogic instance -- however when doing so, how does one configure the APP-INF directory for utility classes? A normal Java Module cannot be packaged into the J2EE module(at least I can't get it to package), and I tried to do a poor man's version of an EJB Module as a substitute; none of it worked.

Does Intellij allow for such a normal java 'APP-INF' module per BEA's recommendation?


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