Lost project HELP

I completely lost the directory containing my working project. I have an old backup of this directory but I still lost 2 weeks of work.
Nevertheless, I could make a copy of the vcs directory. I reload the old version of the project and replace the content of the vcs directory for the old version with the retrieved vcs files .
Results: I cannot find the versions interesting me in the local hisotry BUT I observed that the classes, which were changed between the old versions and the lost version, are now considered as duplicated...
Someone could help me to understand what is up?


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Do you have the recovered project in the same location on disk as the project that was lost?
Perhaps you can look in the local history data files manually and see if you can find the versions you want?
The *.v files in the numbered subdirectories of the "vault" directory contain the text of the files in your project. The "vault" directory can be found under your IDEA system directory.



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