Deployment issue with IDEA 4.5 and Tomcat 5

I set up my project as a 'Web Application' and have created an 'exploded' directory. I don't have any problems launching and attaching to Tomcat with the debugger but what I am seeing is that when I try to debug my project, I am getting the 'classDefNotFound' errors in the tomcat log. This usually means that for some reason Tomcat couldn't find the correct class files even though I know that IDEA is building them and they are present in Tomcat's webapps directory as well as in the exploded directory. (I've copied the files manually from the exploded directory into Tomcat's webapps directory to ensure that all are in sync). Any suggestions on where I can look to resolve this issue?

A secondary issue that I'm experiencing is that many of files under my module that is not directly under the WEB-INF directory do not get deployed into the 'exploded' directory. My project structure is as follows:



So in this case, index.jsp never gets rolled into the exploded directory with everything else.. Is there a way to ensure that it does?


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