Git Commit after merge errors.

Hey Guys,

I have had a Google round and cant seem to find anything that resolves this.

So our team is using phpStorm to work on a site as you would, we are using bitbucket to host a remote repo we all work on.

Every so often we get a merge conflict. When this happens you are presented with the conflict resolution screen.
You can choose to Accept yours, theirs or use the merge ui

Using any of these options changes the file as you would expect but afer the merges are resolved, when i try to commit im getting an error.

"fatal: cannot do a partial commit during a merge."

I can fix this by loading up git-bash and typing

git commit -m "blah blah"

and it works fine.

I was just wondering is there a way to do this step inside phpStorm without having to use git bash?

Seems strange that there is a way to resolve the merges but then have to jump out of phpStorm to commit the changes once resolved.

Sorry if this is basic GIT stuff, Im only just getting to grips with it.

Hope that makes sense,

Thanks in advance.


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