PhpStorm automatic watches gone


I've made PHP and PhpStorm update a couple of weeks ago and since then automatic watches in Debug panel are gone. Now I have to add global variables, like $_POST and local scope variables manually, which is annoying.
I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 with PHP 5.5.9, xdebug 2.2.3, PhpStorm 7.1.2.

Here is xdebug.conf:



PhpStrom settings are ok to my mind. Correct version of PHP is chosen, also xdebug is set as debugger.
Maybe I'm missing something crucial that was introduced in recent versions?

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Can you try File | Invalidate caches and restart? If issue remains, attach your idea.log: Help | Show log in explorer.

Also can you add new watches?

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thank you for the answer!
Invalidating hash didn't help. Please find todays log in attachment.

Best regards,

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I've also tried creating project from scratch with existing sources and it also didn't solve the problem.

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Hi there,

Could you please:

1) Upgrade to the latest PhpStorm v7.1.3.

2) See if restarting web server / computer will do any difference (sometimes it works even for Linux, not just Windows :) )

3) See if disabling all 3rd party plugins will change anything

4) Provide output of phpinfo() (the xdebug part at very least)

5) As I understand debugging still works (i.e. it stops on breakpoints, manual watches work etc)

6) Please provide more detailed logs:
  a) from xdebug side: (restarting web server may be required)
  b) same but from PhpStorm side:

  • clear idea.log so it has only recent relevant info
  • while IDE is closed, enable extra logging:
  • launch IDE and attempt to debug some rather simple PHP script (preferably in brand new empty project)
  • attach idea.log again
  • provide screenshot of the debug panel during debugging

Maybe I'm missing something crucial that was introduced in recent versions?

AFAIK -- no. Works OK here (Windows 7 x64, IIS 7.5, PHP 5.5.9 x86 (via FastCGI for web requests), xdebug 2.2.3, PhpStrorm 7.1.3)

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Are you sure you not just accidentaly minimised it?
Try looking for that glasses icon in top RIGHT corner of debugger window, or hovering cursor over the right inner edge - does it look like "splitter beam"?
IDE screenshot will be much appreciated.

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Right, it came out it was hidden between "Frames" and "Watches" panels The "Variables" pannel didn't appear even when I moved "Watches" to the right and only showed up when I clicked "Hide" button on the top-right of the "Watches" panel.
Thank you and everybody who helped to solve the issue very much!


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