Using the PhpStorm Database Tools


I'm looking for a new database tool, and so I'm evaluating the database features of PhpStorm which I use anyway (I prefer this than buying a separate tool). However, I see some issues with the tools and I'm not sure if they are bugs or if I just don't understand how to use them properly (I have read the documentation)...

1. How do I select the database I want to use in the database console? I don't really want to have to write "use <database>;" before each query. and often even if I do this it doesn't work (it's as if the command is ignored, see (2) ) and I get the "no database selected" error.

2. How do I select the query I want to run in the console? I tried placing the cursor on the query I want (as it says to do in the documentation) and I've also ttried highlighting it, but it just seems to run some old query(ies) which I've deleted form the console already.

3. If I have a .sql file, how do I run a specific query from that file? And how do I select the database I want it to run against (I see an option to select the datasource when I right click, but not the database)?

Thanks for your help!

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