Comma-first style

Hi! I would like to propose integrate "comma-first" style into auto reformat source code. Example like this:

$data = array(
     "a" => "ape"
   , "b" => "bat"
   , "c" => "cat"
   , "d" => "dog"
   , "e" => "elf"
   , "f" => "fly"

It's very easy and visibility code style. Of course it's only my subjective opinion. More example and information you can find here

It would be great to integrate comma-first style into PhpStorm!


Check already existing issue on tracker: .

See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


This ticket is for JavaScript only while OP needs it for PHP.

Since there is a "ticket per language" rule in place a new (but very similar) Feature Request ticket is required to be created  in for PHP.


Man this was 10 years ago and they still haven't added it? Come on, webstorm team.


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