Webstorm - Inspections - JavaScript function metrics not working?

Webstorm 7.0.3 build #WS-133.434 on December 26, 2013.

I'm currently putting together a profile for co-workers to run on our code before submission. I'm having trouble with the "Javascript function metrics" group. I've singled out the following options and tested them with settings of 1 and 2 and they didn't warn against anything they were supposed to:

  • Functions with too many parameters
  • Overly complex function
  • Overly long function
  • Overley nested function

After running the tests with each of these items at a very low setting, I just get "No suspicious code found". However, It is very obvious multiple parts of the code should produce warnings. Has anyone else had problems with these options?

I am aware that I can extend JSHint validation to cover these, but I really wanted to be able to set the severity on each item how I see fit. Currently, severity level is shared with all items in the JSHint validation.

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metrics do work for me. Can you provide a sample project that shows up the problem? Your idea.log might also help

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Sure! I should have thought about that to begin with. Here is a lnk to a very simple project on my dropbox:


  • Inspection Text - Project
  • "Inspection Test.js" - Javascript file used to test against
  • "Test.xml" - Inspection profile that uses the 4 rules I talkd about with very low metrics.

You will notice (or at least for me), none of the validation tests in "Test.xml" will trigger a warning. However, if you go to JSHint and enable the duplicate inspections there (with the same metrics), you will notice that they do flag warnings. Thank you for taking a look. :)

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Thanks! seems these metrics don't work with function expressions. Change your code to

function functionWithTooManyParams (nNum1, nNum2, nNum3) {...}

and see it it works...

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You are absolutely correct. I didn't even think it would refuse to validate one over the other. That's a bummer, but at least JS Hint appears to handle both, so I will likey stick what that. Thank you so very much for your time!


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