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I don't know if this is really idea related, but I have nasty errors showing, when I insert custom ant tasks in a build.xml in the editor. Is there a way to make idea ignore these tasks and its tags or attributes.
The tags itself can be introduced via the taskdef tag of course, but then the attribute definitions are highlighted red, see screenshot attached.
The vendors of the custom tags seldom provide a dtd for their tags. I have not found a way how to turn off these highlights.


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Forgot the screenshot, see here...

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I am currently using IDEA 4.5.2. With IDEA application closed, I saved off the folder "IntelliJ-IDEA-4.5/lib/ant/lib" and then replaced it entirely with the folder "apache-ant-1.6.2/lib". Then I copied all "optional" jar files (like junit.jar for example) into the new "IntelliJ-IDEA-4.5/lib/ant/lib". Then I started IDEA and opened my project. Now when editing build.xml files, the optional tasks and attributes are no longer "flagged" as errors.

Hope this helps.


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