Structure project with api and (separate) web app

I have two logically separate projects: 1. A node based REST API, and 2. A website (that uses the API).

I want to structure my project so both of these are contained in a single webstorm project? Does this make sense/is that a logical approach? I want to create a run config for the node api so I can fire up the API... and then also create a run config for the web project. (I'm using webstorm's built in http server since Im only serving up html, css, and js).

Right now I have two separate webstorm instances running with each project which I find annoying- especially when I'm switching between editing the two.

Any suggestions around this? Would it simply be two top level folders, one for the API and the other for the website?

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Settings | Directories | Add Content Root ?


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