Separating Deployment options between projects

I will admit that I am fairly new to PhpStorm so I might be missing something important, however I feel like this should be a pretty obvious functionality given the complexity some projects might impose.

Currently it seems that all Deployment settings are shared between projects no matter if they are declared through Tools -> Deployment -> Configuration... or through Project settings. Since all my projects rely on at least three deployment options per project (one for deploying on a local testing server, one for deploying to the online sandbox/testing and one for deploying to the live server) its obvious that with just a couple of projects it can become a real mess to choose the correct deployment option (and not make a mistake in the proccess). Using the default deployment option is a feature which partially negates the problem but still with a larger number of deployment options it can present a problem.

Is this done on purpose or is there an option to define and display only options which are relevant to the current project? If not would it be at least possible to create a folder-like structure for the deployment options list to at least separate project options through folders?

Thank you.

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As a matter of fact the linked issue is somewhat different from the one I am having. The way PhpStorm currently works is it favors one connection (set of user credentials) per server which forces a policy of a "godlike" server account access to all project folders. In short, if there is a separate FTP account for sandbox and production environments on the same server there is no way around it but creating separate connections (which I am perfectly fine with). However, there is currently no way of managing connections like creating groups (folders) or even rearranging them in the Deployment window which creates an absolute mess after reaching a certain number of connections.

What I essentially want to ask is if there is any chance you could at least implement connection groups (folders) and a way to rearrange connections in the Deployment dialog window (within connection groups too of course)? That way it would be also possible to organize connections in a more project oriented way not just in server centric way.

Thank you.


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