Using file watchers with Chrome DevTools Workspaces


I'm having some issues setting up a good workflow when trying to include the 'workspaces' and 'css sourcemaps' feature in DevTools.

I am using the css sourcemap support in DevTools, and mapping those file to locale files via the 'workspaces' feature, so I can easely inspect and edit the source .scss files in DevTools itself.
DevTools offers the feature to reload the changed css files after they get compiled again (with a delay) so you can see your changes immediately.

However, the File Watchers in WebStorm don't pick up changes to .scss files made outside of the IDE so the files aren't compiled.
I can set up a file watcher via grunt to compile the files, but that will also compile the files when changing them in WebStorm (double compile, but maybe the only option for now?).
I can of course only use the external file watcher, but that will disable the nice error messages in the WebStorm console that the File Watchers provide.

Is there a way to let WebStorm File Watchers listen to the files itself instead of changes from within the IDE?
Does anybody else run into this 'issue' and got a nice workflow solution?


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There is no way to make file watchers listen to external changes
You can switch focus to WebStorm after changing the file externally - WebStorm will synchronize its file system with external changes (if 'synchronize files on frame activation' is on) and run the compiler

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Too bad.
The compiling works when switching back, but this breaks the workflow (because it's an extra manual action and it's to slow and chrome doesn't pick up the changes for a reload).


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