Custom Routes in PHP App?

I'm using a cutom routing script to handle my application's URLs.  An example of my index.php might look like this:


respond('/dashboard/[:date]/', function($request, $response)

In the above example, I'm including my application's classes in the include before establishing the route.

The problem I am having is that when I am in PHPStorm, controllers/ctrlDashboard.php has no intelligence connecting this script back to index.php.  Therefore I'm getting a ton of unreferenced errors and no inline-autocompletion of my classes.

Am I dealing with a configuration issue on my part, or is this something I just have to deal with?


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Have you tried to find/create IDE helper for this?

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No, I just Googled for it and can't find any information on what an IDE Helper is in PHPStorm

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This is something like stubs (also see for explanation
Also example of IDE helper: .


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