Remove write permissions ("Lock" files outside version control)

So I'm frequently deailing with mutiple issues at once in a single project.  Each of these tasks gets tossed into a seperate change list (task) orginaized so all the files for the same change can get submitted into version control at the same time.  When it's done the files get locked in the VCS and are put up for code review.  This is fine when the seperate tasks are for total different features and the files have nothing to do with each other.  No problems there.

The problem I have is when the tasks deal with the same features, and I the risk touching the same files.  The other senario is that my code reviewers might take a day to get to it (they are busy) and I'm moving on to the next phase of the task.  Again, if I'm not careful I risk touching the files from task one while working on task two, and then my code review is worthless.  I also can't shelf changes since phase two depends on phase one.

Is there a way I can lock files down so that if I'm working phase two and wander into a file I locked that I'll get a warning of some sort that I'm about to do something bad?

I know I can change file permissions and remove write permissions, but I'd like to stay within the IDE.

Am I missing an existing feature, or do I need to submit a feature request?

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Hi there,

Have you looked at "File | Mark File Read only"  (also accessible from status bar -- the lock icon next to inspector guy / encoding) ?

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It looks like that may do it for my case.  I'll play around with it and make sure it plays well with the VCS.

Thank you.


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