install IDEA 4.5.1 on Windows XP

I have OS Windows XP with SP2. My profile in "Documents and Settings" has name "Petr J?za" (? is special letter in Czech language). I'm not able install IDEA in this profile - I launch Install Anywhere then I'm waiting for extracting to 100% and then nothing happens.

But I can install IDEA in other profile and then run it from my original profile but IDEA does not work properly - any features do not work etc. I have noticed that in "Documents and Settings" was created new directory "Petr Jùza" (subtle difference in the name of directory with comperison to "Petr J?za") during launching IDEA for the first time in my profile and in this directory was directory ".IntelliJIdea".

I guess that there is any problem with my name of profile which I'm not able to change. I do not want to change my profile thus I would like to ask you about any hint?

Thank you in advance,

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