Ubuntu 12.04 - Built-in web server on PhpStorm 7 not functional (fastcgi error)


Am new to PhpStorm (running Ubuntu 12.04) and could some guidance on how to setup the built in webserver. I clicked on the icon for Chrome that appears on the right side of the file and came up with following error:

502 Bad Gateway

address: http://localhost:63342/Symfony/src/KK/DemoBundle/Controller/PageController.php

I then proceeded to configured the PHP interpreter selected the PHP language level: Php 5.5, Interpreter: PHP 5.5.8 and did not include anything in the Include path section.

I re-run the Chrome icon and the same error appears and this time I get a php-cgi not found error (Please ensure that configured PHP Interpeter build as CGI program (--enable-fastcgi was specified) in PhpStorm.

I've googled this to no avail for this particular error. Can someone please help me set this up?


Ok I've checked out the short tutorial at http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/Using+the+Built-in+Webserver+in+PhpStorm, and everything seems to be setup as instructed.

Yet, when I go to http://localhost:63342/Symfony/web/app_dev.php (Symfony is the directory name) I get the 502 Bad Gateway error.

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Hi there,

I'm not Symfony user ... but I think that this "502 Bad Gateway error" can be generated by Symfony itself -- as a security measure as you shoud not request framework individual files directly.

I'm not sure if Symfony can be run on PhpStorm's own built in *simple* web server as it does not support .htaccess / URL routing (AFAIK everything in Symfony goes through single index.php).

To confirm that -- just create simple new project (with one or two files) and try there. If I'm correct then it will work there.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried the following:

1) I ran the test project and selected the built-in server on the right side icon and came up with the same 502 Bad Gateway error, exactly as mentioned in the pervious post with an error message with fastcgi.

2) I tried to make a test folder/index.php and I got a 404 Not Found error. (http://localhost:63342/debug/index.php) <-- This was just plugging into the URL in Chrome.

I am running my projects from /var/www/ is there a way to set this in PhpStorm ? Where is localhost:63342 root located?

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Where is localhost:63342 root located?


The URL must look like this: localhost:63342/PROJECT_NAME/index.php . PhpStorm will serve files based on the PROJECT_NAME.

So if your project is in "/var/www/123" folder, then URL should be "localhost:63342/123/index.php" (assuming that you have not renamed the project. If you did -- then it should contain project name instead of folder name).

came up with the same 502 Bad Gateway error, exactly as mentioned in the pervious post with an error message with fastcgi

OK. I did some additional search .. and it sounds like your PHP was not compiled with "--enable-fastcgi" (or "--disable-cgi") parameter specified (FastCGI is required by built-in web server).

Unfortunately I'm on Windows (where it is already compiled that way) and cannot verify this info myself. Can you please check output of your phpinfo(); (or "php -i" in console) -- check "Configure Command" field on the very beginning.

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Right, I created a test folder and ran it the same way came up with the same error regarding the fastcgi.

I checked my phpinfo() and .ini file and didn't see any option regarding enabling fastcgi.

I can't be the only person running PhpStorm and Ubuntu 12.04 with this problem. :/

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Cheers mate, submitted a ticket earlier today haven't heard back yet. Thanks for looking into this.

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For anyone that may across this, installed the fastcgi mod here and reinstalled apache2.



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