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Hi there,

I manage my code with git, but deployment to test and production have to be done by sftp.

Commiting/Pushing/Deployment go through completely different rythms, so the chebcox to "deploy on commit" it's not very helpful.

What I'd like is to be able to deplo to "x", and to have shown a list as the one before making the commit: a list of changed files to be deployed according to the default configuration.

Does PHPStorm offer something like that that I have missed so far?

Thanks and regards.

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I did try the "Sync with 'server'" option, but since it has to scan the whole project on remote to compare it with each file in local;
it takes ages. And the changelist it's likely to be only a few lines long...

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Maybe PHPStorm could integrate git-ftp?

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Yup. Something like that.

But I'm very happy with git-ftp nonetheless. I miss being able being able to set an arbitrary keyboard shortcut for "deploy new and updated", but now I just need to go to the command line tools console and write "git-ftp push", and be done with it. Neat. :)

Thanks and regards,



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