Forced to change layout of our project in Idea 4.x

In Idea 3, there was no corellation between EJB/web support and source directories. We have older project with all our java sources under one directory tree (one content root). We simply can't create another module with the same content root (or content root which is subtree of another one). So Idea supports only one module (Java is most flexible) for our project and we have no J2EE support (in Idea3 - there was no problem).

Java module with content root "/project/" and src directory "src" under it.
EJB module with the same content root and the same src directory.
Problem: Package view shows content of project packages (from src) only under one module. (And other problems are behind, refactoring problems, find usages problems... etc.)

Another thing: I want to edit some files in project and those files are above disjunct module directories. I need some foo module - there is no Project content root... why? Modules may be good, but we never need them - but we miss old style with project content root, its sources, its (possibly different) output directories and old J2EE support where it didn't matter where the src directories are or if they are overlapping (or they are the same for all EJBs - no matter if it is stupid in your opinion or not).

Are there any workarounds? Are there any changes since first versions of Aurora? Sometimes I try it again, but I don't have so much time to find out what is working and what not due those layout restrictions.

Team mates use old Idea3 anytime thay want to work on our project with EJB. Anytime I'm thinking about layout restrictions, Maven comes to my mind... one module, one content root, one build file... and of course - any EJB group MUST be module. Why? Why even in source directories? We have our build process, our packaging and it works well for us. What is not working is Idea...

I was complaining about this time ago (when 4.0 was not out), but I have to ask the same questions here. Is there any chance for our old projects? What restrictions will Idea 5 bring? I really like Idea4.x, I'm using it (because I can while I'm not working on something else then my standalone java program), but what anytime I want to do something J2EE related, I have two choices: Do it "manually" in Idea4 or use Idea3 (or other IDE? :)). Why?

Richard Richter

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I am sorry that I do not have an answer, but I just wanted to add that I have similar concerns about project layout. We have an existing project layout that I cannot change. I was able to adapt IDEA 3 to it with out a problem.
I am currently using 4.5 but not to it's full potential.

My original post:
also went unanswered.

I have fiddled with the project settings to the point that
I can navigate my struts/JSP layer, but 'goto implementation' does not work in my EJB layer. So once I get into the EJB layer, I search for method names (just like text pad :)) I sure miss ctrl-alt-B. This was one thing that I loved about IDEA3.

Good luck.


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