Webstorm does not recognize object params - unrecognized variable warning.

How can I get Webstorm to recognize the parameter for an object.  In the example below, Webstorm warns that is is an unrecognized variable in data.id.  I thought that explicitly adding the param for data.id would work but it does not.  Any suggestions?


        Account entity that should be used to return data from a persistence store query.  Accepts either an array of objects or a single object.

        @class AccountResultModel
        @param {Object|Array} data key/value pair object or an array of kvp objects containing instance data - will only read the first object from the array.
        @param {String} data.id unique id in UUID format.
        @return {Object} returns the object model.
        @submodule AccountModels
    function model(data) {

        Unique ID for the object

        @property id
        @type String (UUID)
        this.id = data.id;


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Thanks alot.  Just downloaded the EAP and it does indeed work correctly.



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